Private and individual services

Our clients often need our professional support to do an inventory of their art collection and to estimate its value. This mainly for the following reasons:


  • In order to have a good overview of their art collection and all the documents related to the pieces of art
  • To have an understanding of the value development of their pieces of art
  • As a basis for their art insurance
  • For inheritance planning


Our team has a long lasting in-depth experience in legal, tax, accounting, insurance and art-logistics matters. You can rely on this expertise for any questions related to art. This is particularly relevant in the process of passing the art collection on to next generations.


In addition to our own competences, we co-operate with proven experts and lawyers in Switzerland and abroad and can make you benefit from our well-established network.


We provide the following Art Management services:


  • Perform an inventory of your art collection and estimate its value
  • Use of our own specialized inventory tool and modify it according to our personal needs
  • Legal advise related to the structure and management of art collections
  • Administrative and logistics support for transportation, storage, art loans, restorations and art insurance
  • Production of recurrent “Art Reports” in order to follow the value development of art collections
  • Value analysis of specific pieces of art for sales purposes or as a second opinion in the case of a purchase