you can trust our values

We value high quality and the highest of standards – in fine art and in every other regard. We provide a professional, personalised service based on our core corporate values


Comprehensive diversity

The modular structure of our services allows us to provide a wide range of bespoke solutions that meet each client’s specific requirements.


We can rely on a network of excellent partners and specialists. Our team members provide a wide range of high-level knowledge and skills in art, economics, law and insurance.


Strong professionalism

Art Leasing & Invest AG exclusively work with established Swiss or international galleries, curators and fine-art auction houses. Our clients deserve exclusive and top-quality art solutions. We therefore place the highest importance on any gallery’s national and international reputation. Art Leasing & Invest AG rely on only the best and most experiences experts



Trustworthy and safe

Art Leasing & Invest AG are the only Swiss company in a compliance with all and any legal and tax requirements for the professional leasing of fine art thereby providing legal certainty to their lessees, be they corporate or private clients.


Art Leasing & Invest AG are a member of SLV (Schweizerischer Leasingverband – Association of Swiss Leasing Companies)


Art Leasing & Invest AG have a fine art leasing license from the cantonal authorities


Art Leasing & Invest AG are in full compliance with the Swiss Money Laundering Act (MLA)