Our corporate clients benefit from our attractive fine art financing schemes

Art Leasing & Invest AG has access to all international art markets. Our corporate clients benefit from our neutral and efficient art consultancy and unique tax-deductable fine-art financing schemes.


We provide flexibility and professionalism in all aspects of fine art, including identification and acquisition of individual pieces: analysis of client’s Corporate Identity and premises; advice on pieces; financing; rotation of fine art on display. 


Art Leasing & Invest AG has an excellent track record with the most diverse clients, among them



  • Consulting companies
  • Auditing and professional service companies
  • Law firms
  • Advertising and communication companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Industrial and commercial enterprises
  • Medical surgeries and doctors offices
  • Medical clinics and hospitals
  • Energy and telecommunications companies
  • Businesses in the tourist and hotel industries
  • Consumer and luxury goods companies