Private clients appreciate our neutrality.

Sophisticated private clients appreciate our top-level expertise and years of experience in the Swiss and international art markets. We will always offer the most professional and bespoke solutions that meet your specific needs– be that by evaluating fine art already in your possession, by exploring potential purchases, or by creating an inventory of your art collection.


Our private clients can rely upon us to meet their specific requirements as we provide:


  • Consultancy on the selection of fine art
  • Acquisition of fine art
  • Discreet ant neutral purchase of fine art from/to galleries or auctioneers
  • Provision of plausible pricings/second opinions
  • Collection inventories
  • Law and tax implications of acquisitions of fine art of the art work in relation to estate and division.
  • Create inventory of and evaluate fine art in relation to estate planning and division
  • Consultancy on creating an art collection